About Us

What is this Website about?

Helping the clueless find a clue! A collection of thoughts and knowledge to guide people in the right direction.

I started this site in August of  2018.  Its purpose was to be my second brain.  You see I collect a lot of information due to my job. Most of it because someone paid me to find the answer.

I started repairing computers and printers when I was in college. I got a degree in Electrical Engineering. I rose through the ranks of my first post-college job to be in charge of engineering and operations of a communications company that morphed into an Internet Service Provider (ISP). I left that and started my own consulting practice all before the Y2K bug made people get serious about technology. I’ve collected knowledge since then. I’ve stored in in text files, word documents, private wikis and all sorts of other apps. I’ve been moving it here since 2018.

What about information found on this site?

The information on this site is provided as is, no warranty, no guarantees. Do not use any information for illegal purposes. Financial forecasts are not binding, and examples do not represent income potential.

What you will notice is…

  • Some of it is useless but most of it is not.
  • Some of it you can find elsewhere on the web but not all of it.
    • You definitely won’t find it all under one roof.
  • Some of it is about outdated technology.
    • Waves to pages about X.25 and SDLC.
  • Where I can I provided links back to reference material but I don’t have all those links.
    • Why? Lots of links are now dead, either the sites are gone or the content was removed.
    • Sometimes I find other sites with the same information and include them.
  • This site isn’t done, I’ve got 30 years of knowledge to add here.
    • Anything marked as a rough draft is just a collection of thoughts and probably not coherent.

If I’ve helped you, feel free to thank me.  I have a whole page on how.

Did you get a clue?

If you got a clue and want to thank me, then visit the thank me page. It’s the best way to keep me publishing articles and keeping this site operation.

This site uses affiliate links. When you go to another site from here the link typically will have an affiliate code attached to it. Your actions on that site may earn a small commission for me. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.


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