All the content on this site is classified by topics (aka categories) and tags. Topics are broad high level descriptions for content, while tags are narrow focus. The page can have one or more topics but typically limited to just a few selections. Tags on the other hand are used across topics and pages will typically have several tags.

For example a page on Internet Information Server (IIS), the web server developed by Microsoft, would be under software and Windows for categories but a page on an error code found in IIS6 would also have a tag for the specific version as well as tags for the error code and other tags too.

Use the search function in the menu bar to search this site’s content or use one of the tag clouds below to wonder around the site.

The Main Page category are pages that lead to other pages for a specific knowledge tree. They often give high level summaries or cliff notes on a single subject. If your not sure where to start try the main page first to give you an idea of what you might find on a subject.

Check out this list of all content categories.

Applications (18) Applications Web (2) Coding (2) Hardware (2) Internet (2) Linux (2) Research (1) Security (6) SharePoint (3) Windows (17) zzz Site Pages Content (3) zzz Site Pages Menus (6)

For all tags for the site use this tag cloud.

Access Denied (1) ADFS (1) Apache (3) Authentication (1) Cable Systems (1) Claims Based Authentication (1) Coding (2) Command Line (1) Content Management Systems (1) dcdiag (1) DHCP (1) DNN (6) Encryption (1) Error (6) Examples (2) Hacking (2) HTML (1) Hyper-V (1) IIS (2) Installation (1) Linux (4) Logs-n-Logging (1) LSA (1) Main Page (2) More Research (1) Odds-n-Ends (1) Patching (1) Performance (1) PHP (1) PowerShell (2) Protocols (3) reference (1) Registry (1) Security (2) Servers (1) SharePoint (2) SSL (2) Testing (1) Time (1) Tips and Tricks (2) TLS (1) Tools (2) Troubleshooting (3) Windows (7) WordPress (3)

You’ll find this tag cloud at the bottom of all pages. Including this one.

What’s the reference section?

If a page contains a “References” section, this is a list of links I’ve used to collect this information found on my page. In most cases the pages are still live but occasionally the site is gone. I leave those dead links so others can find my page via SERP’s.

I might be missing references because most times I’m in the middle of fixing some 911 emergency for a client and they’ll forward pages in an email with sending me a link. Don’t worry nothing on the Internet is original, not even the fictional story you’re reading.


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