Linux Install a LAMP stack

LAMP stands for Linux w/ Apache w/ MySQL w/PHP.  It one of the most common web server configurations there is.  Several people will debate the naming and say “M” stands for “blah blah” or “M” changed its name, or “P stands for “blah blah blah”. Yep you have lots of choices but originally its LinuxApacheMySQLPHP These steps outlined below should […]

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DHCP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Summary DHCP is a basic network service to help computers and devices connect to a network and use the Internet.  Linux Internet Systems Consortium maintains the open source software for DHCP. There are other packages but most rely on ISC’s version. The client side is usually installed when the system is created. To install the server side use your systems

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Disk Drives

This includes both physical drives and virtual drives. Physical drives can be internal or  external, magnetic or solid state, IDE, SCSI, SATA, SAS, USB or just about any connection. Disk drives have a partition structure.  This is also known as a volume structure. Each partition or volume also has a file structure. Not all Operating Systems (OS) read all partition

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