Do you get technology

Let’s face it not everyone gets technology or has the time to get it.  Do these common phrases haunt your days.

  • Not enough time in the day.
  • This isn’t something I know.
  • I not comfortable do this.
  • I don’t have enough people.
  • Cannot find the answer on Google.

Not enough time in the day

Let’s face it we are all busy. Time is our most precious resource.  We have all heard the phrase “Time is money” but the reality is that “Time is more valuable than money”.  With time you can make money but you can’t spend money to make more time.  The closest thing you can do is pay someone else for their time.

This isn’t something I know

Hey, not everyone gets technology. I’ve been in technology for for over 30 years. I read way to much about technology every day and I still don’t know everything. Good news, while I might not know everything  there is a good chance I know enough or I know where to start.

I don’t have enough people

Almost every company I’ve worked with has their own people who can do what I do.  It could be one person or a team of people but those people are already swamped with work.  They need help but hiring a full time person is not needed or not possible.

Cannot find the answer on Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc

Chances are you found this website via a search engine.  You’ve looked at page after page after page after page about your search but still can’t find a answer. Maybe you’ve found several answers and they don’t work. In any case you are at your wits end and need help.

If these sound like you, you are in luck.

Contact Me

Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you but before you do. My time is very valuable and I’m going to tell you right now what I charge. Are you sitting?

Hourly rate is $275/hour and if I take the work it’s a 2 hour minimum.


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