IIS Error Access to the path is denied

Common error seen when setting up websites or doing upgrades.

Access to the path '<insert path>' is denied.

Typically the the cause is the application pool account does not have ACL permissions to the files and directories.

You need to figure out which account is being used. The default accounts are:

  • Network Service account for Windows 2008 and Vista, or later versions
  • IUSR for Windows 2003 and XP, or earlier versions

How to fix

  1. Login into the server
  2. Open Windows Explorer
  3. Verify the file is there
  4. If it is, Right click on the root directory for the IIS website
  5. Click on the properties
  6. In the new dialog box select the Security tab
  7. Look for the Network Service account
    1. If it is missing, click edit and a new dialog box appears
    2. Click Add and the search dialog box appears
    3. Find and add the Network Service account
  8. Verify it has these four permissions checked.
    1. Read & Execute
    2. List
    3. Read
    4. Write
  9. Click OK to close

You might have to reset all file permission for the subfolders too

  1. Click Advanced
  2. Click Edit and a new dialog box appears
  3. Check Change Permissions and a new dialog box appears
  4. Check the box to “Replace all child object permissions…”
  5. Click Ok to close

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