MSCONFIG Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting

MSCONFIG is the tool for Microsoft Windows that controls the boot configuration.

Safe Mode selection

The biggest use for MSCONFIG is to switch into safe mode. There are two options for safe mode. “Diagnostic Startup” which is basic drivers and “Selective Startup”.

Diagnostic Startup

This mode is a very basic driver set. Mostly used to scan your system for malware.

Selective Startup

This mode allows for additional drivers to be used. Mostly used to remove problem programs or to allow for networking to update Anti-Virus and Malware scanners to clean an infection.


Error: System Configuration cannot save the original boot configuration for later restoration. Boot changes will be reverted.

Before you begin make sure you’re past the prechecks questions

Did you upgrade from a previous version of windows?

The boot partition changes from Windows 7 and Windows 8 are not compatible with Windows 10 until up upgrade the MBR (Master Boot Record). Go to our MBR page for

Make sure you are running in an elevated command shell

This step is easily overlooked. Either start a Administrative Command shell or “Run as Adminstrator” MSCONFIG.

Are you accessing this system remotely?

There is an added security measure that prevents you from switching modes in most remote access programs. This is to prevent you from accidentally losing access to the system.

Step 1: Hard drive check

Do a full scan for bad sectors. If you boot sector area is corrupt the tool will fail to write a new configuration. You might see additional event logs about the HDD but not always.

Step 2: Account issues

Make a new admin level account and try again. You existing profile could be corrupt or you could have locked yourself out. A new admin level account is the fastest way to find out.


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